Black Friday

And I intend to spend zero bucks today. Take that, big retailers.

Instead I’ll be happy with some stripy sock knitting. This is Desert Vista Dyeworks in D√≠a de los Muertos and the needles are my super special favorite Karbonz size 1s. (It’s not possible to gush about how perfect these needles are.) These socks may end up with a solid black afterthought heel. Just considering at this point.

The puppy is a conehead at the moment.

All he has to do is leave his foot and stitches alone and he could be less like a bull in a china shop. Better to just assume he has no intention of being a good patient.

Some other random bits:
If you’ve ever considered being a bone marrow donor, now is a great time to register at Be The Match. My family is waiting and hoping for a match and even if you’re not a match for us, you might be giving life to another family.

Have you heard of zentangles? I want to take a class.

The holiday season is kicking off today. I’m still not ready for Christmas music, but lights are perfect. On houses, trees, whatever. More lights! Make Clark Griswold proud!

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Just peeking in

Dear blog,
Sorry I’ve been away. I know it’s been a long time. I’ve been really busy, but I’ll keep this short.

I got a puppy! And he grew up.


Pearl has grown gray, and I’ve knit a lot.

Last night I carved for the first time in ages.

I was trying out some new carving medium. It’s not my favorite ūüė¶ I’m afraid I’m having to get used to it.

Short and sweet. I’ll try not to be gone so long next time,

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I’m guilty. ¬†Of saving the best yarns for a rainy day. ¬†Of hoarding the hard to find treasures until the perfect pattern comes along. ¬†Of stashing away soft pretty goodness and only occasionally taking it out to breathe in the wool fumes.

It could all end tomorrow (just ask Whitney) so I’m resolving to use the good stuff. And as part of that resolution, I’m showing it to you here. ¬†Please don’t think this is an invitation to come and steal it away, I have an attack dog guarding it. See her up there on the banner? She’s looking at you. Don’t get any ideas.

I’ll attempt to identify these just to make you envious. From left to right, top row:

  1. Ball & Skein (Merthin) – with subtle hints of blues and deep reds
  2. Madelintosh (Smokestack)
  3. Handmaiden Casbah (no idea of the name but it’s cream with a hint of rose and tan)
  4. Pandora Cool Wool (Hunters Glen)  Рsee it knit here.
  5. Frolicking Feet (Navajo Sky)
  6. Black Trillium (Chinook)
  7. Wooly Wonka (Vermont Maples)
  8. JoJoLand Melody (no name but melon & pink)
  9. Ball & Skein (Cimmaron)

Yeah no, I’m not going to link all those. ¬†Second row, shall we?

  1. Knitted to a T (Biker Chick)
  2. STR (Garnet Dreams)
  3. Cider Moon (Andromeda) – that’s right, I still have some!
  4. DIC Smooshy (Punky Fuschia)
  5. Wollmeise (Pfauenauge)
  6. Wollmeise (Rittersporn)
  7. Shelridge Farms (no color name/purple and teal)
  8. Lime & Violet (Suede Elvis)
  9. Madelinetosh (Robin’s Egg)

I’m starting to feel nauseated, good thing we’re pretty much at the end. Last two:

  1. Handmaiden Casbah (Amethyst)
  2. Opal Handpaint (Sommernachtstraum)

A nice, even 20. ¬†(not counting the two ordered from Barking Dog Yarns that haven’t arrived yet) At least 3 with some cashmere. ¬†It’s clear that I love pink/purple, aqua/teal, and have a soft spot for orange. I also really love brown so where’s all the brown yarn? ¬†Oh yeah, one on the way from BDY…

This is the Year of the Elaborate Sock. ¬†I’m trying very hard to knit different and new patterns. No more Monkeys but I’ll allow myself a plain sock occasionally to break up the ones that require brain power. ¬†So far, the Kwalla sock and Blue Cabled sock fit the theme. I’m currently knitting the Vorticity pattern and that counts too. ¬†Lots more in my mental queue – makes me wonder if there will be time for letterboxing and carving.


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Ah, GeorgeRyanGeorge

I admit it, I watched this for George but discovered that I quite like Ryan as well. We crafty girls are somewhat required to love Ryan due to this offshoot of the Hey Girl meme but I wasn’t really on board until last night.

Because my viewing entertainment is mostly limited to Hulu, network streams, and Redbox, I tend to consider time spent watching stuff as time thrown away. ¬†That is definitely not the case with this movie. ¬†It was well worth the time and could have been longer. ¬†While it played out on a background of politics, the real themes are very human – loyalty, friendship, power, ambition – all exquisitely acted. ¬†(here is where I mentally add unnecessary Julius Caesar references, add ’em if you need to, I’m not up to a Shakespeare book report this morning)

The big thing about this movie that I want to mention is the city. ¬†I love that George Clooney chose to highlight Cincinnati so closely in this film. Just as I hunt out movies that feature the city of my heart, for residents here, the city is practically a featured player. Should at least be billed above Marisa Tomei (who was also great, btw). ¬†So spend some time with George, Ryan, Philip, and Cinci. It won’t be wasted.

And because I’ve been knitting like crazy, a quick sock update. ¬†Red socks are finished, purple socks have been frogged, blue socks are well on their way to being done.

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Meme on a Sunday


I write like
J. D. Salinger

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Stolen from Karen.

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My lack of self control is weighing me down. So here you go, I’m confessing all my most recent WIPs.¬† Here’s the really bad photo:

Let’s go clockwise from the left.

  • That pretty blue one is the TGIS Day Mystery sock.¬† I love it! Clue #3 gets released tomorrow and I can’t wait to knit it.¬† The yarn is so-so but looks smashing with all the cables.
  • A monkey – because he’s cute.
  • Red socks – partial laying on top (ready for gusset stitches to be picked up) and completed on the sock blocker underneath.¬† That’s Kwalla from a knit along, completion date is supposed to be 1/31/12.
  • Laying on top of that one and also in the center is Purple Hell.¬† Also known as Bl√°thnat. It’s the Socknitter’s Anonymous Mystery pattern for January.¬† I cast this on when I wanted to knit a mystery pattern (released a little at a time over the course of a month) but it turns out that I don’t like it at all.¬† That’s why I cast on the blue sock.
  • Lion & Elephant. Because they’re cute.
  • Along the bottom is a feather and fan sock just waiting for its mate to be knit. That’s vintage Sweet Georgia yarn from back before she took a break and reappeared in a more commercial incarnation.
  • Unicorn. Because he’s cute.

Well crap.¬† I forgot one in the picture. Not that it would fit on the table.¬† I’ve also started the second sock in the knit along that Kwalla is for, called Spring Shoots.¬† It’s knit with a toe-up construction which I rarely fiddle with. I’m a cuff-down girl.

But really, the point is: What was I thinking??? I’m making a concerted effort to finish the red Kwallas before the deadline.¬† I’d like to keep up with the blue one because I love it. The purple monstrosity I’m only knitting because I started it and feel like I ought to.¬† It’s fiddly and has the distinct feel of a pattern that was made difficult just to make it a challenge – not the sort of pattern that’s beautiful and flows together logically.¬† And let’s face it, it’s kind of ugly.¬† Or more kindly put: Not to my own personal taste. I doubt I’ll ever wear it.¬† OK then, to the bottom of the priority list it goes! Hmmm… should I even go so far as to rip it out?¬† Not yet. But maybe, eventually.

And on the off-chance that anyone wants to know about my mom’s cataract surgery, eye #1 was done on Wednesday and has been a smashing success. Eye #2 is coming up next week – in 5 more days, her vision will be better than it’s been since she was a kid. She just couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


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3rd Time’s the Charm

I’m not sure if it’s my German heritage or what, but I really enjoy food. That may mean I’m destined to be somewhat plump forever. ¬†But in that vein of thought, here’s my dinner this evening:

I have no delusions that this is authentic asian cuisine. ¬†Oh no. ¬†My dear friend J once took me across the bridge from Detroit into Windsor where I had lemon chicken that haunts me to this day. ¬†There’s no use ordering it anywhere else, nothing can compare. I should probably confess a particular fondness for egg rolls, and yes, there’s fried rice in that container in the background. ¬†There’s enough that I’ll be eating this for a few days…

There’s been quite a bit of free time this week as I’ve taken some much needed vacation. The nightly headaches really don’t seem necessary though. ¬†But I’ve been doing quite a bit of knitting. ¬†I joined the Socktopus knitalong on Ravelry. The first pattern is the cover sock, Kwalla. It’s got a 6-stitch cable and I’ve got to say that crossing that many stitches on a sock is pretty extreme. ¬†The suckage around the leg makes getting the right fit kind of tough.

This is version 3.0. ¬†The first one had a yarn malfunction – there were manufacturing issues that make it impossible to use. (and yes, I’ve notified the company but they don’t seem able to respond with the holidays and all…) ¬†Version 2 was in a yarn that, while still fingering weight, was a much finer yarn and quite splitty. ¬†Made manipulating cables a trial. ¬†Pictured above is my final try. If this doesn’t work out, I’m quitting until the next pattern. ¬†I’m not thrilled with the color – it’s a red with orange overtones and then odd areas where the pigment has separated out and left purplish splotches. Whatever, I don’t care much anymore. ¬†Just want to get these done.

I may have knit a completely unrelated sock between quitting on version 2 and casting on version 3. ¬†I’ll save that photo for the finished pair.

And carving? Nope. My inspiration seems to have evaporated for now. I think I need a fun day of finds to help get my letterboxing mojo back.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week. ¬†I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season and a happy start to the new year. ¬†I’ll leave you with my fortune from the cookie:

Keep a cool head and bide your time: a chance is bound to come.

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