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In Indy! Advertisements

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WIP Wednesday

I was encouraged to post a work in progress but I’ve already shown my primary sock knitting this week. So my other project is what you get: my newest carve. Unfortunately, it’s a signature stamp for a letterboxer and I … Continue reading

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More lunchtime blogging

New sock started! I wanted another mostly plain sock and this is just right. The pattern is called Charybdis (sorry for no link but I’m mobile posting again) which is supposed to be done toe-up but that won’t happen with … Continue reading

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My boxing partner and I found this box today, but this picture is the closest I’ll get to the stamp. Geocachers who think every box they find is an opportunity to trade stuff, strike again.

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‘Tis Saturday!

Or since I’m going to grace you with links found of funny stuff on the interwebs, maybe Caturday is a more appropriate title. A shirt I want. (for Star Wars nerds) Something I never thought I’d hear. Finally, something I … Continue reading

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Stuff on my dog v2.0

Wuz snufflin for letterboxes and got a flutter-by on mah nozes.

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Which way is north?

Saturday is gonna be fun!

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