To Russia with love

After leaving a comment on another blog, I realized I hadn’t posted in a bit. Honestly, I haven’t had much of interest to post. But this evening…
A call went out on the CT board on Atlas Quest for stamps to be planted in Russia. As I don’t normally read many other states’ chatter, I think I must have been meant to see it. Letterboxing doesn’t really exist in Russia, or at least there weren’t any box listings so the boxer who’s going will be seeding a whole new boxing community. She’ll be instructing locals that she’s visiting and I do hope they like it!

This stamp is 2.25″ from tail to tail and 1.25″ tall. Small enough, I hope, to travel easily and fit into a super safe spot in Moscow for new boxers to find.

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One Response to To Russia with love

  1. Karen says:

    Great stamp! How exciting that it’s going to far away.

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