Parchment Paper Transfer?

I’ve been asked over and over if I’ve tried the parchment paper transfer method and my answer is always, “not yet.” Well, today I changed all that.  I tried it.  Here are my results in photos…

First – when they say “parchment paper” they don’t mean the stuff you buy at the office supply store.  Tried that, didn’t work. They mean the roll of cooking parchment paper that you buy at the grocery.  OK, lesson learned.

Next – It doesn’t go through the printer on its own.  It jams and folds and smears and it’s just not pretty all the way around. Second lesson learned.

So I taped a piece of cooking parchment to another piece of paper (which just happens to be letter parchment paper – see the first lesson above) and sent that through the printer.  

Can you tell that it’s printed really lightly on the paper?  Here’s how it looks when turned over onto some pink stuff:

Much darker than it showed on the parchment.  I could definitely carve this but there are a couple issues.  One – the image is, for lack of a real word, dropletized. All the ink is in tiny little blotches.  On these two images it wouldn’t be such a carving issue, but for anything more detailed, the image would be blurry under my magnifier.  Let’s look at another transfer…

The little guy on the left illustrates my “droplet” problem well.  All the areas of thicker lines are clearly splotchy (not really an issue with this image but a problem for most of my other carves).  The pig being transferred next to him is being done with my Xylene blender pen and a known printer that works well.  I thought these two images were good to contrast – both with some lighter lines and thicker areas of black.  So let’s peel away the paper to see the pig!

Wow! Can you see the difference? The xylene transfer is much darker and clearer.  This alone will keep me using xylene instead of the parchment paper method.  But that’s not the biggest thing… Smearing!

Ugh! The inkjet printer ink used with the parchment paper transfer is smearing like crazy!  I’ve sprayed the celtic looking transfer with a thin mist of hairspray in an attempt to set the ink (as I used to with pencil transfers) but it’s only marginally helping. How long will I have to wait before I can carve?  In contrast, the pig is ready to carve as soon as I remove the paper from the pink stuff. No smearing, better detail, clearer image.

I still choose xylene.  Unless someone can fix the smearing issue…

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One Response to Parchment Paper Transfer?

  1. Trina says:

    What a difference! I gotta get me a xylene pen.

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