My lack of self control is weighing me down. So here you go, I’m confessing all my most recent WIPs.  Here’s the really bad photo:

Let’s go clockwise from the left.

  • That pretty blue one is the TGIS Day Mystery sock.  I love it! Clue #3 gets released tomorrow and I can’t wait to knit it.  The yarn is so-so but looks smashing with all the cables.
  • A monkey – because he’s cute.
  • Red socks – partial laying on top (ready for gusset stitches to be picked up) and completed on the sock blocker underneath.  That’s Kwalla from a knit along, completion date is supposed to be 1/31/12.
  • Laying on top of that one and also in the center is Purple Hell.  Also known as Bláthnat. It’s the Socknitter’s Anonymous Mystery pattern for January.  I cast this on when I wanted to knit a mystery pattern (released a little at a time over the course of a month) but it turns out that I don’t like it at all.  That’s why I cast on the blue sock.
  • Lion & Elephant. Because they’re cute.
  • Along the bottom is a feather and fan sock just waiting for its mate to be knit. That’s vintage Sweet Georgia yarn from back before she took a break and reappeared in a more commercial incarnation.
  • Unicorn. Because he’s cute.

Well crap.  I forgot one in the picture. Not that it would fit on the table.  I’ve also started the second sock in the knit along that Kwalla is for, called Spring Shoots.  It’s knit with a toe-up construction which I rarely fiddle with. I’m a cuff-down girl.

But really, the point is: What was I thinking??? I’m making a concerted effort to finish the red Kwallas before the deadline.  I’d like to keep up with the blue one because I love it. The purple monstrosity I’m only knitting because I started it and feel like I ought to.  It’s fiddly and has the distinct feel of a pattern that was made difficult just to make it a challenge – not the sort of pattern that’s beautiful and flows together logically.  And let’s face it, it’s kind of ugly.  Or more kindly put: Not to my own personal taste. I doubt I’ll ever wear it.  OK then, to the bottom of the priority list it goes! Hmmm… should I even go so far as to rip it out?  Not yet. But maybe, eventually.

And on the off-chance that anyone wants to know about my mom’s cataract surgery, eye #1 was done on Wednesday and has been a smashing success. Eye #2 is coming up next week – in 5 more days, her vision will be better than it’s been since she was a kid. She just couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


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3 Responses to Confession

  1. dtkpmom says:

    Ah you are just like me! Where is the loom in the pile!

  2. Karen says:

    You’ve made great progress on all of them so I say you should keep going.
    Wait until N see that unicorn. He doesn’t have one of those. Of course he and his friends have moved on to Squinkies and Gogos. Don’t bother with those, they aren’t cute at all.
    I’m glad to hear that your mother’s eye went so well. Has she picked out some new fabric for a celebration quilt? You should take her shopping. My father likely has macular degeneration (either from heredity or diabetes-the genes in his family are shit) so his surgery was a waste of time.

  3. Donna says:

    Wow, I don’t feel QUITE so bad 🙂 I still have a monkey to finish… have only done the cuff on the 2nd Kwalla…. and I’m on schedule w/ the Bláthnat. I couldn’t handle anything else! BTW, love the erasers 🙂 And so glad your mom’s surgery is going well – that’s good news!!!

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