Ah, GeorgeRyanGeorge

I admit it, I watched this for George but discovered that I quite like Ryan as well. We crafty girls are somewhat required to love Ryan due to this offshoot of the Hey Girl meme but I wasn’t really on board until last night.

Because my viewing entertainment is mostly limited to Hulu, network streams, and Redbox, I tend to consider time spent watching stuff as time thrown away.  That is definitely not the case with this movie.  It was well worth the time and could have been longer.  While it played out on a background of politics, the real themes are very human – loyalty, friendship, power, ambition – all exquisitely acted.  (here is where I mentally add unnecessary Julius Caesar references, add ’em if you need to, I’m not up to a Shakespeare book report this morning)

The big thing about this movie that I want to mention is the city.  I love that George Clooney chose to highlight Cincinnati so closely in this film. Just as I hunt out movies that feature the city of my heart, for residents here, the city is practically a featured player. Should at least be billed above Marisa Tomei (who was also great, btw).  So spend some time with George, Ryan, Philip, and Cinci. It won’t be wasted.

And because I’ve been knitting like crazy, a quick sock update.  Red socks are finished, purple socks have been frogged, blue socks are well on their way to being done.

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One Response to Ah, GeorgeRyanGeorge

  1. Karen says:

    Socks look great!
    I will add George and Ryan to my queue. I’m looking forward to seeing Cinci but I must ask, do they eat real Cinci chili in the movie?

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