I’m guilty.  Of saving the best yarns for a rainy day.  Of hoarding the hard to find treasures until the perfect pattern comes along.  Of stashing away soft pretty goodness and only occasionally taking it out to breathe in the wool fumes.

It could all end tomorrow (just ask Whitney) so I’m resolving to use the good stuff. And as part of that resolution, I’m showing it to you here.  Please don’t think this is an invitation to come and steal it away, I have an attack dog guarding it. See her up there on the banner? She’s looking at you. Don’t get any ideas.

I’ll attempt to identify these just to make you envious. From left to right, top row:

  1. Ball & Skein (Merthin) – with subtle hints of blues and deep reds
  2. Madelintosh (Smokestack)
  3. Handmaiden Casbah (no idea of the name but it’s cream with a hint of rose and tan)
  4. Pandora Cool Wool (Hunters Glen)  – see it knit here.
  5. Frolicking Feet (Navajo Sky)
  6. Black Trillium (Chinook)
  7. Wooly Wonka (Vermont Maples)
  8. JoJoLand Melody (no name but melon & pink)
  9. Ball & Skein (Cimmaron)

Yeah no, I’m not going to link all those.  Second row, shall we?

  1. Knitted to a T (Biker Chick)
  2. STR (Garnet Dreams)
  3. Cider Moon (Andromeda) – that’s right, I still have some!
  4. DIC Smooshy (Punky Fuschia)
  5. Wollmeise (Pfauenauge)
  6. Wollmeise (Rittersporn)
  7. Shelridge Farms (no color name/purple and teal)
  8. Lime & Violet (Suede Elvis)
  9. Madelinetosh (Robin’s Egg)

I’m starting to feel nauseated, good thing we’re pretty much at the end. Last two:

  1. Handmaiden Casbah (Amethyst)
  2. Opal Handpaint (Sommernachtstraum)

A nice, even 20.  (not counting the two ordered from Barking Dog Yarns that haven’t arrived yet) At least 3 with some cashmere.  It’s clear that I love pink/purple, aqua/teal, and have a soft spot for orange. I also really love brown so where’s all the brown yarn?  Oh yeah, one on the way from BDY…

This is the Year of the Elaborate Sock.  I’m trying very hard to knit different and new patterns. No more Monkeys but I’ll allow myself a plain sock occasionally to break up the ones that require brain power.  So far, the Kwalla sock and Blue Cabled sock fit the theme. I’m currently knitting the Vorticity pattern and that counts too.  Lots more in my mental queue – makes me wonder if there will be time for letterboxing and carving.


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3 Responses to Precioussssss

  1. elpalchica says:


  2. Donna says:

    Really enjoyed seeing all these delicious yarns!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. Makes me want to place a few orders right away 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    OMG! I know where you live and Pearl would let me in:) I can’t wait to watch you knit the good stuff!

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