Black Friday

And I intend to spend zero bucks today. Take that, big retailers.

Instead I’ll be happy with some stripy sock knitting. This is Desert Vista Dyeworks in Día de los Muertos and the needles are my super special favorite Karbonz size 1s. (It’s not possible to gush about how perfect these needles are.) These socks may end up with a solid black afterthought heel. Just considering at this point.

The puppy is a conehead at the moment.

All he has to do is leave his foot and stitches alone and he could be less like a bull in a china shop. Better to just assume he has no intention of being a good patient.

Some other random bits:
If you’ve ever considered being a bone marrow donor, now is a great time to register at Be The Match. My family is waiting and hoping for a match and even if you’re not a match for us, you might be giving life to another family.

Have you heard of zentangles? I want to take a class.

The holiday season is kicking off today. I’m still not ready for Christmas music, but lights are perfect. On houses, trees, whatever. More lights! Make Clark Griswold proud!

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One Response to Black Friday

  1. Karen says:

    Lovely sock! I just cast on a sockhead hat.
    The cone of shame is priceless:) I hope he leaves his foot alone but do laugh at the cone while he’s being naughty.
    Zentangles looks like fun! It would be a great class for Craftsy. Let me know if you take a class and post what you draw.
    Good Luck with the donor. I am knocked out on many levels but I’ll see if I can get Rob on that list.

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